Small Kitchen Appliances Online

Every home, apartment, condo, flat etc. needs small kitchen appliances to meet the daily needs of singles, couples and families across the world. Where would we be without small kitchen appliances we rely on everyday? How good is the feeling to go to your kitchen in the morning, afternoon or evening to make breakfast, lunch, […]

The Present State of Silverlight Development and its Future: Is it Going to Die?

Microsoft had pitted its own Silverlight as a competitor to Adobe Flash some years back. Silverlight development involves the blend of animations, graphics and all types of multimedia very effectively and efficiently. The demand for Silverlight development has taken a beating in recent times but it is still preferred by many for their interactive applications. […]

HTML5 Development is The Future of the Web Development

There are several HTML5 features which have cast it in the limelight: Video elements: Video elements are one of the major changes seen in the latest HTML version. Designers can now build web pages without the need of plug-in software like Flash. Recently, Youtube started using HTML 5 for displaying video. Built-in video controls have […]

Microsoft Silverlight and its Cutting-Edge Services

Microsoft Silverlight is an efficient cross-platform, cross-browser framework which allows developers to create rich internet applications or RIAs in web development. It is a hugely persuasive platform which is heavily used for creating interactive business applications for different websites, even offline devices and the mobile world. It is also a free plug-in which is freely […]

Decoding The Myths Of HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the fifth revision of the popular web development HTML standard. HTML5 is packed with powerful new multimedia capabilities and interactive features including style controls, visual illustration tools, rich audio and video features and exceptional design-ready templates. HTML5 is perfect for cross platform mobile applications too, especially for the huge range of Android smart […]

Popular Advantages of Silverlight Development

Silverlight development is an application framework offered by Microsoft. It can easily write and run rich internet applications along with several multimedia, animations and graphics options. Silverlight stands head to head in competition with Adobe flash/flex development. Silverlight was released by Microsoft in the year 2007 and the version 1 met with relatively good success. […]

The Veracity of HTML5 as the Standard of Today and Tomorrow

HTML5 is known to display jazzed-up images and mind-blowing effects that immediately react to users’ actions. The standard is responsive and best suited for game-like interactivity without having to install additional software. Developers utilize HTML5 for better smartphone support, for mobile tablets and PCs. One can use HTML5 for tailoring apps to make it suitable […]

The best of Windows Phone Apps and Their Features

It is time to assess the veracity of Windows phone app development as the flow of apps has increased tremendously for Microsoft-powered devices. Here is the comprehensive list of some of the best Windows phone apps that do not include games: Crackle With Crackle, movie lovers will love streaming films from the Crackle service which […]

The Ins and Outs of Windows Phone Application

Do you know what a Windows mobile application is? Windows phone applications are games and third party applications that are available on a Windows 7 phone. There is no doubt that the Windows mobile Marketplace is booming. All these applications have been innovated with a particular version of Silverlight XNA or WP7. Windows Phone Application […]

Know the reasons of marketing consultantancy

Increasing product or service sale is one of the primary aims of every company. However, there is no perfect formula or sure -shot process to achieve this. In these situations, companies hire a marketing consultant. A marketing consultant works in co-ordination with various staffs of the company for formulating marketing strategies that will help the […]